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“They’re Back”

Dream 12.18.10

I dreamed Jeff and I were at David’s house for the first time since the fight. Jeff was busy getting things ready for the BBQ or party or whatever, so I didn’t see much of him, but he was there. So David and I had lots of time to talk. We were essentially the only ones there. I found myself wondering if there was a party planned at all or if it was just an excuse to get us out there. I also wondered if I should feel guilty for breaking my resolution to not be involved with him anymore, but I didn’t. We were talking like we used to when we were alone – very pleasantly, because he never yelled at me. We had the same friendly rapport. The moment I remember most during our conversation was when, during a Pink Floyd song, we both said the “ah” right on cue, even though I hadn’t heard the song in years. We liked the same music so we used to do that alot. So everything was cool like old times.

Now I have to describe his house, because it didn’t look like his real house. The area we were sitting and talking was outside. It was actually a cemetery. It was so peaceful and so quiet; I remember the quiet. I guess after Pink Floyd there was no more music. Anyway, the night was warm but with a soft breath of a breeze, not too hot or too cold. Very pleasant. And we were talking pleasantly and quietly. Occasionally I would go into the “kitchen” or what represented the kitchen to check on something. Again just like old times. It was a structure attached to the property, an outbuilding, equipped as a very spare kitchen. The walls were white and there wasnt much in there except I guess a stove. I was checking the stove and may have felt NOT ALONE, as usual, but it wasn’t really scary or anything. Just normal.

I saw Jeff walk by a couple of times but he did not communicate with me. He was focused on his task. So David and I kept chatting. Now there was another structure that I became aware of; it represented his bedroom and the hallway. It was a two story brown wood structure, like a wooden tower or small building. It had windows made of slatted wood and while we were talking one of them swung slowly open by itself. As it did so it made one of those eerie creaking sounds that seemed to last forever. It was really spooky, the only time I had been scared throughout the whole dream. But it wasn’t scary like danger; it was just creepy. And David did what he often did in similar circumstances. He dismissed it as the wind. Totally and definitively dismissed it. He said something like, “There goes the wind.” But the funny thing was I distictly remember there being no wind. It was a calm, serene night with just a breath of air. It wasn’t the wind. And the sound of that window creaking open – I was still hearing it when I woke up. It sent shivers down my spine.

The last thing I remember doing in the dream before I woke up is saying to myself, but out loud, “I think they’re back.”

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